As an innovative, family owned software business, we have been specializing for over 10 years in development and delivery of efficient, integrated IT-solutions for energy and resource management in the enterprise. Certified according to ISO 50.001, our comprehensive energy data management solutions support the entire process from capturing meter data to the visualization of real-time energy consumption up to consumption and demand forecasts, energy accounting as well as creating reliable energy performance indicators. We will get your energy- and resource management well in shape for the future Our overall concept Our product

An energy data management system must be able to collect many million or even billions of data sets and make them available for evaluations at short notice. Evaluation & Analyses More information


For a significant number of these processes that are intrinsically linked to energy and resource consumption, we have developed well-tailored solutions. Energy-management processes More information


Since many years, our distribution and cooperation partners have strengthened our presence on site. They implement our solutions portfolio with competence and professionalism and thus intensify our proximity to customers in the various regions. Our partners More information

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