Project procedure

Our diverse implementation projects always make new demands since organisational structures are different for each customer. We can take up different positions within a project based on our experiences from many successfully implemented projects: consultants, project managers, project staff and developers.

The tasks range from consulting with emphasis on processes as well as the collection of data, the implementation of workshops and the creation of requirement specifications, the IT- and process technological implementation of software solutions with interfaces to external systems, project support as well as trainings and support.

Prototypes are used in the initial phase of a project in order to gain a common understanding of necessary adaptations. An agile approach for the configuration of applications is recommended for comprehensive adaptations. Standardised import features are available in order to fill the system quickly with data. These import features ensure to keep your system alive from day one and all necessary inventory data can be imported from pre-systems.

All projects of the WiriTec GmbH are managed by the head office In Bensheim. As demonstrated by experiences in the past, the local proximity between development and consulting department is a huge advantage for the project progression. This means that a regular exchange of consultants among themselves but also between consulting and development takes place. Therefore, all customers will benefit directly and in real-time of further developments and adjustments which have been successfully implemented in other customer projects.

The goal of each training is to provide future users of the system with the required knowledge and for the operation necessary skills in high quality while optimising time and costs. The training courses can be carried out as teacher-centred trainings; better results are obtained with a „hands-on“ training though. This always applies to administrator trainings; but this procedure is recommended for user trainings as well. Furthermore practice has shown that a first training at an early stage of the project progression is beneficial since the customer can already participate during the introductory phase. Another training with customised contents or questions can be carried out at a later date if necessary. We offer the hosting of the system as well if the internal IT of the customer should be relieved. The hardware and necessary software licenses (operating systems, database) are rented by a German data centre operator who is executing the hosting. WiriTec® C itself can be operated with a SaaS concept.

4-step concept

Each company whose cost can be traced back to a substantial proportion to energy and resource consumption needs to deal with an increase of efficiency and therefore with a reduction of costs or at least with a reduction in cost increases. For this reason we developed the 4-step concept for energy efficiency based on our experiences from numerous energy management projects.

Many companies are not prepared for this with regard to human resources and know-how as previous experiences have shown. Therefore, we undertake all activities which cannot be performed within the company. We are using our own experts or specialist partners in order to relieve your employees. Depending on the company situation, the individual steps of our concept can be defined more or less whereby individual stages can overlap each other temporally.

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