WiriTec® C  has been designed in such a way that you are able to simply and efficiently execute all energy management tasks. WiriTec® C includes all necessary components to meet the requirements of a modern energy data-management system:

   Automatically adopt data of varying quality from different sources

   Interfaces to external systems which either contain or require energy relevant data

   Safe long-term storage of energy data and provision of it to all users and processes

   Display grafically and subsequently analyze any consumption as well as sensor data

   Set various data in mathematical conjunction with each other

   Processing of energy consumption and process data in clear reports

   Automatically monitor energy consumption of equipment and consumers

   Support energy relevant subsequent processes with data

The integrated WiriTec® C user rights management allows the provision of energy and resource data to all employees in charge while ensuring that each user only sees the data he/she has been granted access to. Thus, the necessary transparency of consumption data to everyone in charge is guaranteed still ensuring indispensable data security.

In addition, the software on its whole can be adapted to your individual wishes and requirements through customizing. With little effort, you will receive a standard software package that is tailored exactly to your internal processes.

Learn more about WiriTec® C range of functionalities and ask for our respective brochure.