Evaluation & Analyses

An energy data management system must be able to collect many million or even billions of data sets and make them available for evaluations at short notice. WiriTec meets the challenge to clearly visualise this data, relating it chronologically and logically and offer an easy navigation possibility.

In the WiriTec system nothing is pre-calculated but data are prepared and displayed at the time of evaluation ac­cording to selected time periods and intervals on-the-fly. We have optimised the underlying database, the energy data server exactly for this application in order to display even large amounts of data without disturbing waiting times. These technical details form the basis for a series of tools and features which facilitate unique evaluation flexibility for the user.

The time slider and time selection are two powerful tools for the user in order to navigate on the timeline. The user can select via corresponding buttons if data are displayed in an absolute (a date or time period) or relative (last 3 days, last month, etc.) period of time. A separate timeline can be chosen for each selected data set besides the full-time selection for the complete chart evaluation by the same means. In this case, several time axes are illustrated in the chart.

For annual evaluations the beginning of the year can be adjusted to the individual business year with a few mouse clicks, if necessary. For considerations beyond the date line, you can move the start of the day to the forefront or backwards. Analogously while doing a comparison over a period of several months, weekdays can be superimposed and the comparison of the correct weekdays can be en­sured with the help of a day offset. The time slider allows selected periods of time to be enlarged and minimized via Drag & Drop. It is possible to shift an entire interval on the time axis as well.

Live charts

The user can perform various graphical data evaluations with the help of the integrated chart component. All data to be evaluated are imported live from the database which ensures a high flexibility. Once configured charts can be saved as views and can be retrieved with current data at any time.

Dashboards & Reports

Clear and easy display of lots of data, current conditions or even complex interrelations is a core business request in energy management. You will often face many different data that have to be  mathematically interrelated or regarding their processual nature. Subsequently, this data has to be elaborated and provided in bite-sized form to the various applications. WiriTec® C delivers adequate functionality to create dashboards and cockpits that offer customers a wide range of options to display data in a clear and appealing way.

In addition to that, WiriTec® C provides a high performing report generator. Using this tool, creating even the most complex reports has become very easy.

Figure: Rasterdashboards / Sample reports

Data analytics

The formula editor is an innovative and high-performan­ce tool for the profound analysis of measurement data as well as the representation of mathematical contexts between measurement data and attributes of buildings, machines and installations.

The formula editor is based on a programming language (C #). It can be configured easily by trained users without programming knowledge via using pre-defined functio­nal components / modules.

Starting from the easiest summing-up and moving to the most complex mathematical calculations, the formula editor is a quite powerful analytic tool helping you to dive deep into your data and carry out the required analytics.

Figure: Formular editor / Smarteditor